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Acoustic Cleaning

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Acoustic Cleaning

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Testing Equipment

No power plant is identical with any other!

Predictions for acoustic cleaning as a one hundred percent successful means of maintenance aren’t possible. The cleaning of defined plant sections from ashes and dusts depends on many complex factors. It’s therefore why universities and companies (by internal research) give strong effort to this aspect. They try to improve and new approaches will be carried out.

That’s where we will support you: We offer you to rent an acoustic cleaning equipment (operating with compressed air) for testing. In consultation with you, we’ll fix the duration of the test corresponding e.g. to the location of installation. When acquiring, costs for testing will be taken into account.

In advance, we’ll decide thoughtfully on type, number and location of the sonic horns to install. Installation is up to you, we’ll be responsible for setting-up the system. During the testing, you can contact us at any time to receive the best results by optimal settings based on your initial experiences.

Maintenance and Spare Parts

Of course, we support you in keeping your present acoustic cleaning systems in good condition - whereever bought. Readily, we’ll give you a quote for all work to do as well as for any spare parts required. If your system isn’t completely adequate to ours, we’ll try to find alternative solutions.

Costum-built Production

For customer specific requirements you can be sure, your project is in good hands! We give you an example: pitting corrosion caused by a temperature below dew point. Here, a special coating was necessary, that we were able to offer to the customer immediately. For years, Hartge Schallreinigung cooperates with experienced companies having unique know-how in their segment.

Sound absorbers

We consult you and put you in touch with expert business partners related to measures for noise insulation.

Thermal Measurements

Applying a high-quality thermal imaging camera, insufficient thermal insulation can be easily detected. We support you to identify these hidden defects by using this technical device.

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